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Alta House 9

a unique Sazerac with an absinthe rinse, Cointreau noir, Burnside bourbon, bitters


Court House Whiskey Sour 10

Old forester bourbon, egg white, lemon juice, maple syrup and angostura bitters


Fort Vancouver Sparkler 7

Champagne, fresh squeezed blood orange


House Buttered Rum 10

Secret house buttered rum & Sailor Jerry’s


Main Street Maple 8

an old fashioned with a twist

Old Forester bourbon, fresh squeezed orange, orange bitters, pure maple syrup,

orange rind garnish


Margo’s Chai Tea 9

Chai tea, Absolute Vanilla Vodka, Amaretto liqueur, simple syrup and half & half


Moulton Martini 9

Absolute Vanilla, dark crème de cacao, Kahlua and pumpkin Bailey’s


Northwest Fizz 9

Absolute Pear, St. Germain, club soda, fresh lemon, muddled cucumber,

simple syrup, mint


PH Rum 9

Mt. Gay Rum, blood orange, blackberry, lime juice, simple syrup with a dash of sprite


Tanner’s Margarita 9

El jimador tequila, pear juice, triple sec, honey with rosemary sprig and cinnamon


The Hudson 8

lemon drop with blackberry

Tito’s vodka, lemon juice, simple syrup,

sugar rim

Washington St. Pie 8

Tuaca, cider, whip cream and a cinnamon stick


Work Water 9

Hendrix gin, simple syrup, strawberry puree, lemon juice, soda water with muddled basil leaves



9th Street Mezcal      9                                                                                    Sombra mezcal mule with lime and ginger beer


Boogie Nights Mule 9

Tuaca, lime and ginger beer


‘Couve Citrus     8                                                                                             

Tito’s vodka, lime, orange and grapefruit juice with Cointreau and topped with ginger beer


Dublin Down  8                                                                                                            

Jameson and lime juice topped with ginger beer

Leal Mule 8

Tito’s vodka, cranberry and lime with ginger beer


Lila’s Mule                                                                                                                               

Tito’s vodka and lime with strawberry puree topped with ginger beer


Marco! Mule  9

Tito’s vodka and lime with simple syrup and blood orange topped with ginger beer


Raspberry Lane      8                                                                                             Chambord raspberry vodka, Chambord and lime juice topped with ginger beer


Riverside Blackberry     8                             

Tito’s vodka and lime with blackberry puree topped with ginger beer


Ryder Cider Mule 8

Tito’s vodka, apple cider, lime juice topped with ginger beer and cinnamon stick


Sauvie Island Mule 9

Tito’s vodka, pumpkin syrup, lime juice and topped with ginger beer and cinnamon stick


Spicy Reserve    9                                                                                                                

   Infused Tito’s vodka with jalapeño, Cointreau and lime topped with ginger beer

Bottled Beer List


Bud Light 4

Budweiser 4

Clausthaler Non-Alcoholic 4

Coors Light 4

Corona 4

Fuzztail Hefe 5

Heineken 4

Michelob Ultra 4

Omission Pale Ale GF 4

Rainer Tall Boy 4

Stella Premium Lager 4

22 oz Finn River Pear Cider 8

22 oz One Tree Carmel Cinnamon Cider 8